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    Hats and Bow Ties 13th Birthday Bash

    Saturday November 3rd we celebrated a classy neon hat and bow tie affair. It was a smashing success! The party was in honor of a very special 13 year old’s birthday. If you are familiar with our work, you know that when we plan parties we pick a theme and integrate that theme throughout the entire party.  Our guest of honor has always loved wear fedoras and bow ties…he is definitely the classiest 13 year old boy that I know. So the obvious theme was hats and ties with some added neon for flair.  Planning started with some Pinterest inspiration and then we went straight to the craft table. We…

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    Why to hire a Wedding Planner

    So you just got engaged… and you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner. Maybe you are thinking it is too expensive. Or your mom or MOH offered to help you. Perhaps you don’t want someone else to plan your wedding. Or maybe you plan on being a DIY bride. Whatever the reason, let me tell you why you are better off if you say YES to the planner.  I’m sure right now you are thinking “Alexandra you are a wedding planner of course you think it is important to hire one.” So in order to explain the importance of a wedding planner let me offer an analogy. …

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    Baby Q

    Celebrating a baby is always a joyous occasion. A family gets to come together play silly baby games, eat little finger sandwiches and drink tea. That might be the perfect to some but if you know anything about us you know how we feel about themes and making ordinary parties into unforgettable events.

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    21 is so Fetch

    I would like to share a few different elements from one of my favorite events. “21 Is So Fetch.” In honor of one of the best movies in cinematic history, Mean Girls. This party would definitely be “fetch” in Gretchen Weiners book. The color scheme for the party of course was pink and gold. Attendees were asked to wear pink, or they can’t sit with us. All of the decor was handmade by me and my staff. It included Mean Girls quotes, a picture backdrop, this candy table background and more! Pictured above is the sweets table. Which included candy canes, cake filled with rainbows, and Kaltine bars.  Candy and treats…

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    Welcome Babies Party

    Is there any better reason to celebrate than not one but TWO new babies joining the family?!? I think not! A few weeks ago we welcomed Lucy June and Henry Theodore to our family in the best way we know how. A pink and blue themed party!   As always, all of the decorations and favors were hand made by our team of experts. Like any party the entrance sets the tone for the event. We designed a welcome banner for the babies and the buffet table underneath featured the party favors and a tulle garland. The back of the front door hung a hand painted welcome sign and pink and…

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